Pink Love

Curvy mould from @pavonitalia designed by @emmanueleforcone. Flavours of white chocolate, Mint and Yuzu. Shop the flg essentials to recreate this Entremet- Curvy mould by Pavoni Italia ,  yuzu, fish gelatine, Valrhona Ivoire 55% white chocolate, red cocoa butter, oval cake board.

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Masterclass with Chef Karim Bourgi

Chef Karim will be coming to Johannesburg to teach a hands-on workshop during November 2018. There will be 16 students per class. All classes will be conducted in English with no translation. As instructed by Chef Karim, participants must complete the set of questionnaire to make sure that they meet the requirements for class registration. [...]

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This Fairy Entremet was taught at our beginners class. A pistachio Jaconde base with layers of Orange blossom cremeux , White chocolate vanilla bean Mousse and a strawberry compote centre. The Entremet was covered with a mirror glaze and decorated with macarons. Re create this pastry using Zuccoto 160mm, zuccotto 135mm and half spheres dome [...]

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